Protomagia (May 1st - The festival of flowers)

May 1st and Greece celebrate Spring… the Festival of Flowers.
Protomagia!!! That is the name of this celebration and as a day off for everybody we did what our ancestors did thousands years ago… Celebrate the Mother Nature!


Maios (May), the last month of Spring took its name from the Goddess Maja which goddess took her name from the ancient word Maia, the nurse and mother.

May according to the popular cognizance has two meanings, the good and the bad, rebirth and death. The custom celebration of the final victory of the summer against winter as the victory of the life against death go back at the ancient years and accumulated at the first day of May.

Anthestiria, a celebration in honor of Dionysos the God of theatre and parties were also the festivals of souls, plants and flowers, celebrating the rebirth of man and nature.

May the first is the day that Greeks use to collect flowers and prepare the May flower wreath which hang outside their home door and keep it there until June 24 th when the day of Saint John make big fires to burn these flower wreaths. Everybody jumps over these fires. I have done the same many times as a child. I took our home's wreath; threw at the big fire which one of our neighbours (Mr. George Skoutas, my best friend Angela's father) prepared for our neighbourhood. Beautiful times…


May 1st and I have decided to travel somewhere to be close to the flowers to feel the beauty of spring. As I opened my eyes this morning I called my aunt and my best companion to ask her if she likes to be with me at a travel without destination.
I had nothing at my mind except my desire to be close to the Mother Nature.
Yiota, my aunt accepted my invitation and after an hour the three friends (Me, Yiota and Dolly, my lovely car) were speeding at the highway to reach the flowers.

Sparta in Kimi

We enjoyed the trip. I followed my instinct which brought us at Amarinthos, a small village close to the sea and Kimi a small town and harbour facing the Aegean Sea . We were close to the sea and close to the flowers. Green and blue were the main colors but interrupted by the yellow colour of the Sparta (my favourite wild flower ehich have an intense sweet smell) and the red of the Paparounes (wild flower too).

The white houses at the small villages were the centre of the greek flower dance… For everyone that does not know how we dance in Greece I must explain that we use to join our hands and make a big cycle dancing.

It was a fantastic day… Every time that I leave the big monster which reserves my strength and absorb my spirit's power I come back as a different person…



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